About us

Hello, I am Sharon the owner and designer for Girly Girl Tutus

This business came to me over 10 years ago when I owned and operated a party facility for little girls. At that time I sold custom birthday outfits for girls as well as custom bows and other boutique items. I made my first tutu when the Person I had custom making these outfits for me just couldn't keep up with all the orders that came flooding in. Once I made my first tutu to help out I was hooked! I found I loved the creativity of the whole design process and never looked back. I do not operate any store front any longer my boutique is strictly online now. I sell to great customers all over the world. Thank you again for considering Girly Girl Tutus for your birthday outfit needs. I do have a chat box in the right corner so if you catch me online I can say hi or answer any questions. You can also send a meesage through the contact us now link and ask any questions. I try to respond with in 24 hours